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Remote Assessment Report & 30 Minute Q&A Session

Using your home address, we'll help you determine if your roof is a good candidate for solar panels.


This report includes the following:

  • Roof azimuth, approximate tilt and area available for panels.

  • Initial shading analysis & the amount of available solar energy.

  • Expected amount and value of generated electricity.

  • Expected cost of installing solar panels with payback period. 

After you've had a chance to review the report we'll spend up to 30 minutes reviewing the report and answering your questions.

​Price: FREE        

Remote Site Assessment

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Onsite Visit / Report and 1 Hour Q&A Session

Our Complete Solar Site Assessment measures and confirms the key items needed to verify your expected solar return on investment. 


This includes:

  • Shading analysis and any issues that may reduce generating capacity.

  • Suggested Panel layout, system size and cost estimate.

  • Home electricity use and expected amount to be covered by the panels. 

  • Complete 25 year cost/benefit analysis with payback period.

After you've had a chance to review the  Complete Solar Site Assessment we'll spend up to 1 hour answering your questions.

​Price: $100            ($50 Deposit   /  $50 Upon completion)
Complete Site Assessment
  • Complete Solar Site Assessment
  • Request for Proposal, ready for you to send to installers.
  • Two hour Q&A Session to review your received proposals.

Our Solar Installation Request for Proposal (RFP) Service covers everything needed to get quality installation proposals that match your specific site and requirements.


After you've received proposals back from the installers, we'll spend up to two hours with you to review them and point out items that may need further clarification or negotiation.

This includes:

  • Suggested Panel layout, system size and installation cost estimate.

  • Shading analysis and any issues with the site.

  • Load analysis and percent of your electricity covered by the panels. 

  • Complete 25 year cost/benefit analysis with payback period.


Price: $200            ($100 Deposit   /  $100 Upon completion)

Solar RFP Creation
General Education, Training and Consulting Services

Our Solar Energy General Consulting Service can assist with any Solar Energy related needs you may have.

Typical Consulting topics:

  • Reviewing and Discuss Solar Panel Installation Proposals

  • Shading Analysis

  • Educational Material and Curriculum Creation

  • Individual and Group Training Sessions


Price: $50/Hour   ($50 Deposit/Additional hours invoiced )

Solar General Consulting
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